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Love & respect
Saturday, November 14 • 11:55 pm • 0 comments

Isn't it a little love can prevent us from being each other enemy. I mean, not the love from girlfriend to boyfriend (lol?) It is just that we need to love, respect, in other word. Either different races or religion or contingent or country or house or family or whatsoever it is that we need to love and respect. & even the fault that someone has caused actually, there's no need to blame the whole contingent or family or religion or races or house etc, because this fault happens because of one's person itself. She/he is the one who makes this happen. Not others. 

Same goes to the friends-enemy. If you hate one person in a gang it doesn't mean your friends have to hate the one you don't like too. The reason is yourself. You're the one who can't create the love into other people. So let's create love and respect from now on. Change yourself to be a better human and no hate! 💕💕

Tuesday, November 10 • 8:52 pm • 3 comments
I have a friend who will do anything for her friends. Helped everyone without complaining.
She did a lot for us. For our gang. Terlalu baik to be with people.
But something happened and she is in coma.
O Allah, give her strength
Convey my prayers to her
Remove her pain
And heal her
I beg you, O Allah.
I know Diyana will wake up because she is stronger than I know. 
Fighting Yana!

P/s : Please make du'a for her even you don't know her. Moga Allah perkenan doa anda.
Lots of love,